About this Site

Welcome to the Johns Hopkins Cytopathology Unknown Conference website.

The Cytopathology Unknown Conference is held weekly in the Division of Cytopathology at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. A Cytopathology fellow or a rotating Pathology resident in Cytopathology collects 4-6 cytology cases, which includes presentations of usual cases or rare cases. The cases comprise both exfoliative and aspirated cytopathology cases. Residents, cytopathology fellows, and visiting pathologists and visiting residents find this conference very educational.

The Cytopathology Unknown website started in April 2001 and was called Interesting Case Conference and Case of the Week. The new website replaces the previous sites and has been updated to be a continuum of the previous sites.

Cases for each week’s conference are compiled by the Cytopathology attending and Cytopathology fellows or Pathology residents who are named in each case description.

Dr. Zahra Maleki, associate professor of Pathology in the Division of Cytopathology, is the contact person for this site.